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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

socal party and booze

Okay, so I'm back from my little weekend trip. Actually, I was physically back yesterday, but just mentally back today. I was in Pomona, CA this past weekend for a cousin's Quincenera on Saturday. The actual ceremony and reception were held in San Gabriel, CA about 30 mins. from Pomona, so I thought..."Okay, I'll have a couple drinks and I'll be good since I'm driving." Well, my brother-in-law had other plans, 'cause those drinks just kept on coming. Now, I'm not a big drinker. Ask my friends and they'll say I'm an alcoholic, but really I don't drink that often.

Anyway, so the night of the reception I had 6 Bud Lights, 2 shots of tequilla, a margarita, and a glass of champagne. This was all in about 4 hours, so I was a little buzzing, not quite fully drunk yet, 'cause I was able to dance. At least I thought I was doing a good job, now the people watching on probably thought differently. Now, most of my female cousins married men who are too "cool" to dance, so once I was done drinking I was all over that dance floor. By the end of the night I looked like I had had a bucket of water dumped on me, not too attractive. But it was all family so I wasn't trying to look pretty. It was one of them family gatherings where you're too afraid to even find anyone in the room even remotely attractive, 'cause you just know you're probably related somehow. So I kept my horse blinders on all night long, even though the beer goggles were getting thicker and thicker as the night wore on. I kept outta trouble though. All in all in was good times. Except for the next day when I was hangin' bad...if only one could drink without the splitting headache the next day. I'll have to look into those "Chaser" pills in the commercial, but for now I think I'll give my liver a little break.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

happy mexican independence day!

Wha...what, it's not Cinco de Mayo yet you say? That's right it isn't. But Mexico's Independence Day is September 16th, not May 5th. A common misconception. For those of you who are confused, just know that we Mexican's just need any excuse to celebrate.

For those interested in learning about this holiday, this site might be a bit informative

Tierra Desconocida
sangre sacrificial,
dio de renacer esta tierra al mundo,
esta tierra amable, orgullosa, feliz,
con su gente fertil, ermosa, majestuosa
patria de mis padres,
patria de mi gente,
que tengo todavia de conocer,
aun te guardo un amor,
para cuando al fin de frente a frente nos podamos ver.
--"quiroz" 2004

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

my good deed for the gay

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the 15th Annual Fresno Reel (as in movie reel) Pride Festival. Yeah, 15 years...the gays have been around for a long time don't you know? So anyway, being the good samaritan that I am, I decided to volunteer my time today to help out with the setup for the festival. Okay, so I didn't have shit to do and I thought, "What the fuck?", that still counts right?

I was almost beginning to feel bad for not going walking or working out in the morning ('cause I have just started a semi-regular workout schedule), when I was told I was gonna be luggin' shit up some stairs. Turned out the shit getting lugged up the stairs was alcohol, lots and lots of alcohol. So you best believe I'll be at this little shindig tomorrow night. Not that I drink, much, but come on free alcohol! Plus I got a free pass for tomorrow night's movie...nice.

Monday, September 13, 2004

first blog post ever!

Okay, so I've suddenly found myself with all this time on my hands and very little to do. So, I thought, "What the hell, why not start a blog right?" What harm can it do, and besides everyone else is doing it. I thought I'd be hip (I know, I know one our age uses that term anymore). Well, except for'll catch on again you just wait and see.

I will try to keep this blog updated...just because I have this self-absorbed notion that people actually care about what I have to say. And if for nothing else, hell practice my writing skills, because right now they pretty much suck. So, come back often and check-in to see how I'm doing.

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