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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

bitch better have ma money!

Runaway bride to cough up some dough for search.

Friday, May 27, 2005

and...I'm off!!!

Aight everyone, hope you all have a safe and fun weekend. Remember to get tore the fuck up! I will and I'll recap.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

sweet summer schedule

This Monday we started our summer hours schedule, which is sweet. Well...if you don't mind waking up a bit earlier. Now, I'm not a morning person...not in the least, but once I get used to it I'll be cool. I begin my day at 7am and end at 3:30pm with a half hour lunch. The half hour lunch sucks, but I'm done at 3:30 and I have sooo much day light left to burn. Lately, though, I've been burning it by napping when I get home from work. That'll change once I get used to waking up so early. Anyway, that's all for now. I know not too exciting, but I'm tapped out for blogging ideas for now...besides I'll be going home in about 15 mins. so that's hardly enough time to start a meaningful blog.

Hope you're all doing good and stay out of the heat...damn it!

Monday, May 23, 2005

weekend recap

Okay, so I've been gone for a bit. Really...wha, you didn't notice? Yeah well. Last week was just chaos here at work, but I did manage to sneak in a few quick hellos. Anyway, as usual it seemed like too short a weekend.

Friday night was dinner and a movie with my roomie, the hobagg, and another friend. We had dinner at T.G.I.F.s and as costumary as of late to have a drink or two with dinner I purused the cocktail menu. I decided on the Ultimate Hawai'i Volcano Something. From the description it sounded like it would a Hurricane knock-off, so I said what the hell? Boy was I embarrassed when the server plopped down this big-ass fruity looking concoction in front of me. I nervously looked around...had anyone noticed this huge fruity drink I had mistakingly ordered? I was tempted to snap at the server and pretend as though he had gotten my order wrong. What the hell is this?! I didn't order this fruity ass drink! What are you trying to get at here buddy?! Take this shit away and bring me my tall mug of Guinness! Okay, maybe not Guiness that shit is nasty...I'm not too keen on drinking motor oil. But of course I played it cool, sipped on my drink as manly as possible and even ate the cherry. I then ordered the Ultimate Long Island. Oh yes...I should've gone with that initially. The bartender didn't fuck around with the liquor in that bitch. It was a huge goblet of buzz inducing perfection. I was feeling very relaxed after that. Afterward, we went and caught House of Wax on the big screen. I know, I know, but I had already watched every good new movie so get off my back! Maybe it was the little buzz I developed over dinner, but it actually wasn't all bad. Sure, of course it had the usual teen horror flick formula. Group of teens get stranded in the woods and get offed one by one. Nonetheless, it had some entertainment value. The way the characters got offed was cool to watch. Especially seeing Paris get killed. That's hot! Now, of course we didn't pay the 9.50 to watch it, 'cause we got hooked up so that's probably why I can find entertainment value in it. I surely wouldn't recommend it, but if you're ever bored out of your mind, you find that you've watched all the good movies that are current out, or you simply want to watch Paris bite the big one then you might consider watching this. It's certainly not Catwoman bad, but it's not great.

Saturday was graduation day so I was at the graduation ceremony as a number of friends were graduating. Fresno State has the biggest Latino Commencement Celebration in the nation. It's a graduation ceremony specifically for Latinos. It's cool to participate in, I participated when I graduated last year. They have Mariachi playing right before the program starts, usually a fokloric dance troupe performs, they recognize your parents as you're crossing the's cool. Anyway, after that I had planned to meet up with a buddy who had been partying all day long at some house party. I called him up and he mentioned that they were leaving the house party and going to some bar and asked if I wanted to meet him there. The name of the bar should have tipped me off that it was not going to be my scene. And not that I have a scene, I'm not that cool, but I should have known that I would not fit in at JimBo's. Sure enough, as I pull up to the place I notice a few guys outside wearing them some tight wranglers, cowboy boots, trucker hats...the whole shabam. So I call up my friend who is already inside and ask him, Is this a honky tonk bar? He asures me it's not. Not that I have a problem with honky tonk bars, I can enjoy me some country now and then, but fuck can I get some warning? I walk into this bar...mind you I'm wearing a Guayabera (Mexican Dress Shirt), some jeans and some spit shiners. Fuck, I was coming from a Latin celebration and now there I was, a dark, bald Mexican standing in the middle of a room filled with white folk in either their cowboy getups or plain t-shirt and jeans, shorts, tank-tops, flip-flops...hell everything, but guayaberas? I felt the beads of sweat sqeazing past my pores as I tried unsuccessfully to blend in. It was definetely not a fucking Where's Waldo? scene let me tell you. There was no blending in. I don't recall ever feeling as uncomfortable as I did that night. I was glad to be out of that motherfucker as soon as possible.

Sunday, I went over to a friend's house. He was one of the graduates and his family threw him a graduation party. It was nice to sit around, relax and bullshit with some friends after a hectic week. It was hot as hell though! Fuck, summer is finally here and it's going to be HOT! I hate the heat by the way, makes me irritable. So I'm not too elated about it. So that was my weekend in a nut shell. Hope you all had a good one.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

wish me luck!

I have a job interview today and I haven't been too nervous about it till just this morning. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

slow motion

Is it just me or is this damned week going by so slow? I keep thinking it's Thursday and then I regrettably remember it's only Wednesday. I think it's because I'll have to work this weekend and I just want it to be over with already. Damn it!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

quick hello

With the semester winding down work has been a bit busy. Just wanted to say hello right quick. Hope all is well.

Friday, May 13, 2005

friday the 13th

Hey all, just wanted to note that it's FRIDAY....yes, fuckin' finally!!! I've been looking forward to the weekend all week long and now it is upon us...mwahahaha. Okay, I'm just delirious. Not feeling too good, need some sleep, allergies acting up, feeling nauseus, nausious, naucious (how the fuck do you spell that?). Ah, hell you guys get my drift. But it's okay, 'cause it's FRIDAY!!! I might just have to call it a day a bit early today though, 'cause I don't feel too good. :(

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

busy humpday

I just checked out the blogs I frequent and realized I'm not the only who appears to be swamped at work. Good thing too, I was beginning to think I was maybe missing out. IT'S ALMOST FRIDAY!!!

life's too short...

For the past couple of weeks I had been working on putting together a program for one of the many graduation commencement ceremonies which will be taking place here next week.

Friday, I finished one of the many final drafts and took the program file over to our Print Shop for their review. I met with the press designer and a couple of the press printers. They all appeared well enough, I mean physically, healthwise, you know. Well, yesterday I spent about an hour late in the afternoon with the designer making a few small changes to the program. He seemed preoccupied though, as though his mind was somewhere else. He mentioned that his co-worker, one of the press printers I had met the other day, was in the hospital battling a very bad post-op infection. Hearing him speak of this co-worker I got the sense that he was really concerned for him...they must've been pretty good friends.

Well, I just got back to my office this afternoon and I received an email sent out to the campus staff community stating that that press printer I met the other day, who seemed well enough, passed away last night. I had never met the man before Friday and still this news kinda upsets me.

Just makes you think that life is always too short. So, I'd like to tell my friends...personal and blog world alike...I got nothing but love for ya.

Monday, May 09, 2005

somehow it's just never long enough...

The weekend is over and a new work week has begun against my wishes...damn it!

Friday night I went to watch Crash with a friend...oh man, can I just say that that movie was fuckin' awesome! I caught myself a few times during the movie being all tense and's really good. After watching that I needed to get out for a drink. Well, that and the fact that I didn't drink the night before for Cinco de Mayo, so I needed to make up for that. My friend's bestfriend was in town from southern cali, so we went out to the club. We be clubbin'. It was coo, not as coo as the last time I was there, but it was good. At first, I thought we had accidentally wandered into a new lesbo bar or something, 'cause there was nothin' but girl on girl action from wall to wall. Well, in the hip-hop dance room anyway. I felt lost and confused...where am I? Mommy, why are those two girls kissing on the lips? But after my second drink I came to my senses and realized exactly where I was. After about my fifth drink I was shakin' my ass out on the dance floor and apparently very well, 'cause now I'm all sore. My legs and arms are a bit sore and I'm thinking...okay really, 'cause it's already Monday. I guess that means I need to really start working out. Oh yeah, when I was outside taking a break from the ass shakin' some girl had her ass all up on the glass. One of the walls surrounding the dance floor is a series of large glass windows and this chick was puttin' 'em on the glass like no one's business. It was all ass cleavage for all to see. So I did what any normal drunk person with a camera phone would do and got a shot of that right quick. I'll share soon. All in all it was a good night. A good winding down after a busy week.

Saturday, I drove down to my folks' for a visit. I had spoken to my mother earlier in the day and she said she was preparing some chicken mole.
"Oh cool, but wait is it homemade mole from scratch?"
"Yes, it's homemade mole."
Suspiciously I conceded, "Okay..."
See, the last time I was back home I noticed these mole mixture crap my mom was keeping handy in the freezer. And I was almost tempted to hide them or throw them out, 'cause I new she would be using them eventually. Against my better judgement, though, I let them be. So I get home having skipped breakfast and passing on lunch 'cause my momma was making homemade mole and as soon as I uncover the pot of mole I new she had lied to me! Nooooo! I didn't even have to taste it, just the coloring gave it away. It was decent enough, but I was very dissapointed to be eating some pre-packaged, uncomparable to the real thing mole. Geez, what's up with this lady lately? I'm going to have to sit her down and have a serious chat with her. This fake, generic, pre-packaged stuff is just not cutting it! Next thing I know she's just going to stop cooking all together and just start ordering in and I ain't having that!

A friend from NYC was in town for the weekend so I was really excited to be seeing her again. I hadn't seen her for a few months. Ended up kickin' it with her and a few other friends all night. I was the odd man out, though. See this group of friends all went to highschool together out of town. I didn't come along until their college years. It was one of those, I met a couple of them in college became really good friends with them and so met their friends and so on and so forth. In any case, whenever they all get together they do the whole catching up on the high school peeps gossip and I'm left just twidling my thumbs, 'cause I don't know these people their talking about nor do I care to know about them. But now if I ever run into someone from their high school I can pretend I went to school with them and drop all these names and give them all these updates. Anyway, all that's neither here nor there. We didn't do much that night, just kicked it and talked shit as usual and somehow sometimes that's just as much fun as if we had gone out and done something on a Saturday night.

Sunday, mother's day was cool. My family went over to one of my sister's house and we bar-b-qued, talked shit, and I napped. I hadn't eaten all day, 'cause I slept-in all morning so I was fuckin' hungry. So I had myself a nice heapin' helping of b-b-q and all the fixings. Of course after I devoured my food, my heavy unhealthy food, I felt my eyes start drooping. I had a seat on the couch...ooohhh, the big comfy couch and that was it for me. Amid the kids' shouting, the excitement over at the dinner table with the live game of "La Loteria", mexican bingo, and the oldies' playing over the radio I was out for the count and it felt soooo good. After my nap it was time for me to head on home and I made my hour trek back to Fresno.

And now here I am back to work on a Monday morning and the weekend, somehow it's just never long enough.

Friday, May 06, 2005

cinco de mayo fest or bust

Unfortuneately for me last was a bust! All my party/drinking buddies either flaked or were out of town. And since I'm not one to go out to a bar or club on my own...I stayed home. Although, I did get some laundry done. Hey...I'm trying to find the silver lining here. Ah well, it's just the same. I'll just go out and party tonight instead.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

happy cinco de mayo!

So far Cinco de Mayo has me all wet...and not in a good way. It's been raining here all fuckin' day! Not that I'm complaining mind you, 'cause I fuckin' love the rain. But I just hope it's not raining tonight. I don't have any solid plans as of yet, but I'm hoping to be able to go out tonight for some fun, drinks, and a little freaky deaky on the dance floor. All in the name of honoring my ancestry, of course. If anything exciting happens tonight I'll be sure to keep all yous posted tomorrow. Have a good one!

because you can't be here with me

I sit here listening, listening to the minutes tick away, to the deafening stillness outside my window, to the quiet wakening life outside as I sit here - listening. My heartbeat breaks the silence as I sit here alone. The solemn overcast light breaks through my window blinds revealing a new day. Outside, the heavy clouds rain on the earth on this late spring morning. The scent of dampened earth reaches my senses and I am taken back to younger days, when I ran and frolicked in these late spring rains. Silent rain drops dance on slick wet leaves outside my window. Water and foliage melding together forming beautiful music, soothing music - soothing my soul. The gentle breeze kisses the leaves of the gentle giants that stand guard outside my window. Whispering so only I can hear, they tell me it will all be okay, they tell me to tell you too, that it will all be okay. You see, these late rains have come to wash away your troubles. So dry those tears you have unsuccessfully fought back, because it will all be that it will. And because you can't be here with me, I capture this moment so that we can be together if only in our mind's eye.

i'm still here!

Damn it! This week's been crazy busy here at work. I have a lot of stuff to blog about, but everytime I sit to start bloggin something else comes up or I'll lose interest in what I'm writing, 'cause I'm thinking about all the shit I have to do here at work. So don't count me out just yet...

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

is it 5 o'clock yet?

I'm dying over here. I'm sooooo damn tired, and hungry. I'll be looking forward to the end of the day all damned day long, which of course will only make it seem that much longer.

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