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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

it's over already....?

Damn it! There's no way it was a three-day weekend. It just seemed hella shorter than my regular weekends. Fuck it all to hell!


Left work about an hour early. It was extremely slow, I had caught up, and I have a few hours of comp time just sitting there, so i decided to start my weekend a bit early. Not that I had any major plans for the weekend, but I just didn't want to be at work. Later that evening I had dinner with a friend and then caught a movie, Saving Face. Pretty good movie. That was pretty much it for Friday night.


I got a late start, ran some errands and then just vegged on the couch for most of the day as I did laundry. See, I can multi-task. Sometime in the afternoon I fell asleep, for a long time. I woke up about 7pm and realized I was supposed to have been a friend's sister's wedding, which was still about an hour drive. As I sped to this little shindig I noticed my car was vibrating quite a bit. I almost just drove straight on through to my parents, but decided it would be rude since I had already said I would attend. So I drove out into the boonies where the reception was being held hoping my car didn't break down in the middle of nowhere, 'cause the moon wasn't out and it was pitch dark out. I had an idea that the vibration in my car was due to my tires needing to be balanced, so I thought at least it's not the motor again. I was at the reception for a couple hours before the clean up crew came out in full force. I took that as my sign to get ta' stepping. I still had about a 15 mile country road drive to my parents, in the middle of the night with my car driving really rough. The drive to my parents was certainly worth it, since my mom was preparing some Menudo for Sunday breakfast. Again, my mom's Menudo is the best ever!


After devouring a huge bowl of Menudo for breakfast I set out to a neighboring town to have my car realigned and get the tires balanced. For some reason I thought it was Saturday, which of course it wasn't and all tire/car shops were closed. I took a trip to Kmart to look for a pair of flip-flops since in my haste to leave my place the day before I forgot to bring with me my flip-flops or an extra pair of shoes. Since I went straight to the wedding the night before the only shoes I had with me were a pair of dress shoes, which don't go good with shorts and a t-shirt. I had to jack my dad for a pair of sandals with were about a size too small, but had to hold me over. Being that we're nearing the end of summer I soon came to find that flip-flops have been replaced with slippers and house shoes...everywhere! I couldn't find a fuckin' pair of flip-flops anywhere and I didn't like any of the shoes I saw, so I spent all day Sunday in my dad's little sandals. It didn't matter though since I spent the rest of the day just lounging around at my parents'. We ended up bbq'ing later that afternoon, during which I gashed my head open with a fucking nail head that was protruding from one of the low hanging branches of a tree I nearly walked right into. I didn't duck low enough and the nail head caught me in the crown of my head. I'm bald so the cut and knot are on full display. Luckily it's not too bad, just a little cut really, but now it looks like I cut myself shaving. Oh well.


I returned to that neighboring town to have my car worked on hoping against hope that something would be open, of course there wasn't. I was beginning to feel like I might be stranded there for another day, and I wasn't having that. As I drove around, I called my luva' and contacted a Pep Boys in a town between my parents and my home that was open so I decided I would brave the drive there to get my car worked on. It took about two hours before my car was done, I spent that time walking around a small mall that was across the street from the place. First though, I went to Marshall's and bought myself a pair of shoes to wear, 'cause I was still wearing my dad's sandals...yeah, I know. When I got my car back, they told me that I should replace the two right tires, 'cause they looked like they were seperating (coming apart). I thought, hmm...I'm about 40 miles from home, I'll just drive home and get the tires there. I don't know why I just didn't have them replaced then, I just wanted to get home. Well, 10 miles out along the freeway I realize that the back right tire's thread was coming apart. The tire was still inflated and there was only a small chunk of thread gone, so I decided to drive the rest of the way home at about 55 mph on the freeway. It was a slow leisurely drive, but eventually I got to a tire shop and got them replaced. I ended up getting home five hours after I had set out.

Fuck, I guess it was a bit longer than I had thought. And now of course I'm back at work. Damn it!


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